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Wedding Ceremonies

The Spiritual Ceremony gives you the freedom to have a romantic wedding in Puerto Vallarta, without the hassle and expenses needed to perform a civil ceremony in Mexico and to choose your perfect wedding venue.

I recommend that couples who want to get married in Puerto Vallarta have a Spiritual Ceremony performed here, followed by a civil ceremony that complies with the laws of their country, either before or after their wedding in Mexico.

No paperwork or blood tests are required for the Spiritual Ceremony as this ceremony is a contract between the couple and God and a celebration of love and your future life together. A wedding certificate authenticated by the wedding minister is provided to the couple after the ceremony.

If you decide to have a Spiritual Ceremony performed in Puerto Vallarta, you will only need to provide the following information:

  • Date, location & time of the ceremony
  • Name and date of birth of bride & groom as they are to appear on the wedding certificate
  • Name of one or two witnesses (if any)
  • Arrival date in Puerto Vallarta
  • Name and telephone number of your accommodations in Puerto Vallarta
  • A scheduled time for the wedding minister to meet with the bride & groom in person prior to the ceremony for a pre-nuptial talk, at which time payment can be made.

The pre-nuptial meeting can be scheduled once all other details are finalized and no advance payment is required. Please contact us for more information about a Spiritual Ceremony.

The wedding minister works closely with our bridal couples, both in person or via email, prior to the big day to discuss the marriage ceremony and to the couple's ideas and preferences to create their perfect wedding in Puerto Vallarta.

The minimum cost for the basic Spiritual Ceremony is $350 USD. The cost includes the ceremony, a wedding certificate and roundtrip ground transportation for Rev. Kaplan. All fees are payable by cash or traveler's checks, no credit cards or checks accepted.

Whether you are in Puerto Vallarta to celebrate your wedding anniversary or just here on vacation, consider celebrating and recommitting to your marriage with a ceremony to renew your wedding vows.

The renewal of vows ceremony is designed to bless and release your past, renew your love for each other in the present, and to make a commitment to begin a new and wonderful future together.

Renewing your marriage vows during your vacation to beautiful Puerto Vallarta will be an unforgettable experience in paradise and a truly special honeymoon.

Your renewal of vows ceremony in Vallarta can be performed at the time and in the venue of your choice, with or without guests. Renewing your marriage vows in Vallarta can be done spontaneously as no pre-planning or weeks of advance notice is needed.

The cost for the ceremony is $350 USD (cash or traveler's checks only) and includes the wedding ceremony, a lovely certificate to celebrate the re-affirmation of your love and roundtrip ground transportation for Reverend Kaplan. All fees are payable in cash or traveler's checks (no credit cards or checks accepted) and payment can be made upon your arrival in Puerto Vallarta.

Contact Wedding Minister Lydia Puig Galicia for more information.

The civil ceremony is the only legally recognized marriage ceremony in Mexico. If you are interested in having a civil ceremony performed in Puerto Vallarta, it is important to be prepared for a more complicated and time consuming procedure than back home. There are many requirements for paperwork, translation of documents, blood tests in Mexico, etc., all of which must be accomplished before your wedding.

We strongly recommended that couples hire a wedding coordinator in Puerto Vallarta to take care of this pre-planning phase, which usually takes about a month. You do not have to be here for the entire month prior to your wedding, but you will need to be in Vallarta at least 5 days before your wedding to get the blood tests completed and finalize the required paperwork.

If you decide to have your Civil and/or Spiritual Ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, please contact me with the necessary information on the form provided.

The cost of the Civil Ceremony varies depending on many factors such as the number of documents that need to be translated, place of birth, etc. Contact us if you would like more information and we will provide you with an estimate regarding all associated costs for a civil ceremony in Puerto Vallarta.